Tuesday, 3 April 2012

While busy browsing to check if my lights are any where else in this world, I came across rings and bracelets made from eco-friendly material which I had to share!!! I think they are incredibly beautiful and really cut-edge!

Rings presumably made from recycled wood or cork which has been layered.
Image fromhttp://www.igreenspot.com/green-fashionable-rings-by-anthony-roussel/

Bracelets made in the same layering method.
Image from: http://www.igreenspot.com/green-fashionable-rings-by-anthony-roussel/

Thank you Anthony Roussel for making absolutely Aesthetically Appealing products. Your ideas will definitely inspire and motivate others to cross the boundaries of designing. Be sure to check out his website  http://www.anthonyroussel.com as you never know what more surprises this creative individual will bring forward. I wait in excitement!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

I'm back!

Good Morning!

As you can see, I have been seriously on the low as I was distracted by many things, most certainly inspiring things. I have just experienced Design Indaba 2012 and it was phenomenal. I was chosen as one of 40 Emerging Creatives to exhibit the work which I have produced; recycled cork lights. These lights can be seen if you scroll down to the beginning or you can view more Micah Joël products at http://www.facebook.com/micahjoeldesigns?sk=wall&filter=1&notif_t=wall. I intend to develop more quirky and aesthetically appealing products at a later stage.

While browsing this morning I discovered stunning Luminaires made by Hiroyuki Murase. The Luminaires are constructed using fabric which has been manipulated to give it an interesting texture. Check out http://www.suzusan-shibori.com to see some more examples and other products.

I find that looking at these Luminaires reminds me of still-life paintings. Completely still yet the textures and tones bring so much life to this product.

Designer: Hiroyuki Murase

The image below is such a brilliant image. Notice the arrangement  and composition of the various textures. It is not just staring at an assortment of textures, there is continuous movement as the eye follows through. The attention to detail is superb because it constantly stimulates the eye making you notice the details more and more as you observe. #Goosebumps! 

(Thank you Hiroyuki Murase)

Various coat techniques for the luminaires.
Image 5: http://www.suzusan-shibori.com/coats.html

What I absolutely love about these products is that the names relate to Japan or Japanese culture. I seriously appreciate Japanese culture and I have to add, this developed through their art and manga.

I hope you found this very inspiring. Will be on the hunt for more inspiring and cutting-edge designs and of course, aesthetically appealing!

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Eye test: While observing, feel with one eye.

A pleasant thanks to those who checked out my blog, I am pleased to know it is being viewed. 

I intend to share my inspiration; perceptions and upcoming events so interested viewers can be informed. You will be pleased to know I applied my lights for Emerging Creatives which is for the Design Indaba Expo 2012. I'm keeping my toes crossed as I need my fingers to type.

I attached images of an exercise experimentation that I did over the week while we as a family made our home more homely. Will be uploading about that later in the month.

My exercise is images of arum lilies in different shades. I find the simple form of this flower to be powerful. It is a plant I consider aesthetically appealing. There were dead leaves which I removed and from this I experimented with shadow, forms, states of decomposition and arrangement. I am observing and trying to understand when the composition and layout works, why it works and what have I learnt.

Composition of leaves

More compositions

Various graphic experimentation

Symbolising aesthetics  

Symbolising aesthetics using leaf composition outline

It is very interesting what one can achieve through Photoshop. The most crucial part about observing and feeling with the one eye is a sense of balance. This is what I tried to constantly remind myself about. Its tough trying to remember all the rules and applying these before taking the picture. This is the beginning stages of my exploration in trying to find an eye for design.


Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Snaps of my BTech exhibition

The 29th November 2011 was my exhibition at CPUT. It reflected a lighting range in which I determined whether personality traits can be utilised as a concept. My lighting range is called Skeletal centripetal. The public feedback was phenomenal!

Here are some of the lights I designed:

So now you can see a bit about the way I think. Always be inspired.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Beginning of new things.

Hi all!

Ok, My full name is Micah Joël Chisholm and the name I wish to be addressed by is simply Micah Joël.

To note: I am a 23 year old male. It is nearing the end of 2011. I am 2 days away from having my final exhibition for my course in Surface design. My career in design is about to start and to add, my family and I have just moved into a new home.

I am now considered a qualified designer in surface experimentation and product making. I am hearing impaired, I lip-read, perceive, observe, feel and create objects that appeal. This is for now. I am about to take risks in order to learn, develop and grow. My goal is to explore in design and become more involved with the world around me.

I intend to: Learn this: "the one eye sees while the other feels" (Suskin, 2011)
                 Travel to explore and learn various cultures across this globe. 
                 I have to start with the ancients because it amazes me the most!
                 Create products/ideas that reflect my experiences.
                 Learn what it means to be a good designer!

What you need to know about me: 

I play very safe when it comes to designing. I do oversteps boundaries but still play it safe. I tend to create products that appeal because i draw essence on nature infused with science and mathematics. I don't understand graphics because i don't understand what works, what is good and why there is a limit to exploration with it. I am very involved with the works I create and graphics isn't safe for that but I am up for the challenge and to learn! I am a perfectionist and tend to appreciate and create objects that are aesthetically appealing. I am often inspired by others - through observation I will identify a method of working and then use this an approach. I do tend to embody characteristics of other people and adopt this in creating my works. I enjoy these challenges!

Things are about to begin soon!

Will keep you posted.

Micah Joël